Ground Truth Investigations

Ground Truth Investigations is dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the Biodiversity and the Natural Treasures of North America, with local emphasis on the Hill Country of Central Texas.

Groundtruthing is hiking through fields, forests, hills and streams to observe and record the nature of nature – to resolve geological and biological uncertainties arising from aerial photographs, old maps and conjecture. Investigations here are expanded into revealing what needs to be protected from the impacts of land clearing, real estate development and the construction of subdivisions, roads and utility infrastructure. Structural water quality mitigations for land development are analyzed for their performance and ability to live up to expectations.

The discovery and photography of the Natural Heritage of the Texas Hill Country, America and our world are now primary aspects of Ground Truth Investigations. High resolution photographs of interesting and beautiful places and wildlife as well as democracy in action comprise many pages of photography. see Photography

Research climate change literature on the developing crisis of global warming. Extensive documentation and links include scientific analysis, news reports and notable blogs. see Climate Change

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