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Tim Jones and feathered friendGround Truth Investigations is a personally funded, not for profit, public service website which evolved out of a series of environmental documentaries broadcast on Austin Community Television in Austin, Texas. In 2000 the work was additionally facilitated by a one time grant from the Threshold Foundation to the 501c3 Save Barton Creek Association to help with local environmental field research and public education.

Tim has spent years doing videography and photography documenting the beauty – and the pollution – of the hills and streams of Central Texas. His research, environmental activism and persistence resulted in the emergency listing as endangered for the Golden-cheeked Warbler on May 4th, 1990. His groundtruthing is credited with the Texas Water Commission’s designation of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer as the aquifer most susceptible to pollution in the State of Texas.

Tim Jones is retired from thirteen years of public service as a member of the Environmental Board for the City of Austin, Texas. He was a member of the Save Our Springs Alliance Board of Directors for a few years after that and he remains a member of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil – USA – Advisory Board.

He produced a series of 15 ACTV documentaries called GROUND TRUTH – videotaped field investigations which helped with the listing of the Barton Springs Salamander as endangered as well as enhanced water quality in area streams and Barton Springs.

His field investigations and environmental enforcement actions, photography and compilation of resource links are the basis for this site.

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