Ground Truth Video Series

The Ground Truth Video series consists of 12 field investigations documenting specific pollution problems caused by development in the Barton Creek watershed. Videographer Tim Jones leads the tours, explains the problems and offers solutions. Produced by Jenny Clark Video Productions.


  • Ground Truth #1 – 2/92 (30 min): A City of Austin cable Channel 6 press conference shows pollution in Barton Creek and why the current Comprehensive Watershed Ordinance (CWO) does not work.
  • Ground Truth #2 – 6/92 (30 min): Documented pollution events caused by golf courses in the Barton Creek Watershed,
  • Ground Truth #3 – 7/92 (30 min): Water Quality devices and structural controls designed to contain polluted rain water.
  • Ground Truth #4 – 5/93 (30 min): Documentation of the 3 mile algae bloom adjacent to Barton Creek Counrty Club’s Fazio Golf Course.
  • Ground Truth #5 – 11/93 (30 min): October 20 rain event shows resulting pollution in Barton Springs pool caused by highway construction runoff from US 290 and Loop 1.
  • Ground Truth #6 – 3/04 (30 min): Documentation of Barton Springs clarity before February 22 rain and the resulting situation from the highway runoff after the rain. Exploration of recharge features.
  • Ground Truth #7 – 2/94 (30 min): Highway construction pollution in Barton Creek Watershed.
  • Ground Truth #8 – 2/94 (30 min): Pollution problems with the Hazardous Materials Trap at Willian Cannon Rd. and MoPac.
  • Ground Truth #9 – 4/94 (60 min): Aerial footage of Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and surrounding areas.
  • Ground Truth #10 – 5/94 (30 min): Williamson Creek pollution.
  • Ground Truth #11 USFSW Salamander Listing – 7/94 (60 min): Historical documentation of the biological and regulatory threats to the Barton Springs Salamander which is being considered for endangered species status.
  • Ground Truth #12 ONRW for Barton Creek and Barton Springs – 9/94 (60 min): Canoe trip from Hwy. 71 to algal bloom area at Golf Course. Cleaning algae from pool.

This video series is stored in the Austin History Center Archives at 810 Guadalupe (next to the Austin Public Library). Please call Tim Hamblin at 974-7305 for details on how to access the series. The videos are filed under:

Media – Clark (Jenny) papers – AR.2001.005

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