Ground Truth Investigations

Central Texas Butterflies

Swallowtails (Family Papilionidae)

Swallowtails (Subfamily Papilioninae)


Whites and Sulphurs – Family Pieridae

Whites (Subfamily Pierinae)

Sulphurs (Subfamily Coliadinae)


Gossamer-wing Butterflies – Family Lycaenidae

Hairstreaks (Subfamily Theclinae)

Blues (Subfamily Polyommatinae)


Brush-footed Butterflies – Family Nymphalidae

Snouts (Subfamily Libytheinae)

Heliconians and Fritillaries (Subfamily Heliconiinae)

True Brush-foots (Subfamily Nymphalinae)

Admirals and Relatives (Subfamily Limenitidinae)

Emperors (Subfamily Apaturinae)

Satyrs (Subfamily Satyrinae)

Monarchs (Subfamily Danainae)

Skippers – Family Hesperiidae

Spread-wing Skippers (Subfamily Pyrginae)

Grass Skippers (Subfamily Hesperiinae)

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