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Jumpstarting Ford to Stop Global Warming

Tim Jones and feathered friendWalnut Creek, CA (02/04/05) – A protest demonstration and direct action organized by Rainforest Action Network, the Ruckus Society, Global Exchange, and Code Pink continued an effort to convince Ford Motor Company to improve its environmental record by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its products. A diverse group of activists confronted the Walnut Creek Ford dealership in the Berkeley area where participants demanded that co-owner Sid Savarani sign a letter to Ford Chief Executive Officer William Clay Ford, Jr asking Ford Motor Company to sell more fuel efficient cars.

The group demonstrated with giant helium balloon-hoisted banners in front of the Ford Dealership. Activists infiltrated the dealership as earnest couples considering a purchase inside the showroom and car buyers on the lot shopping for hybrid cars for about an hour. Shocked customers asked Ford salesmen if what the demonstrators claimed was true. It became clear the protest was not helping business. Rather quickly co-owner Sid Savarani agreed to talk over the demands and soon the gathering of activists walked away with the promise they sought.

Mission Accomplished

The owner of the dealership and two others in the Bay Area have recently signed and sent a letter to Bill Ford asking him to help combat global warming by improving the fuel efficiency of Ford’s vehicles. Further, he is actively sharing ideas with the campaigners about how to convince Ford Motor Company that its dealers, its customers, and the world would be best served by Ford becoming a real leader on fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions. Hopefully these small successes will translate into widespread demands that all polluting industries take action to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

Continuing Actions

Global Exchange and Rainforest Action Network are making plans to reach out to all Ford dealers to spread the message on April 1, Fossil Fools Day, and beyond. To learn more about Adopt a Dealer, and to download an action kit, in case you yourself are interested in Adopting a Dealer in your community, please visit Global Exchange.

If you have any questions about the Adopt a Dealer program, or the Jumpstart Ford campaign in general, check out Jump Start Ford or contact Jason at 415-558-9490 or Jennifer at 415-398-4404.

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